I’m old. I’ve been doing skepticism and atheism for a long time. As such, I’ve been to a lot of skeptic and atheist meetings. THIS was one of the best run talks I’ve been to. No searching around for the group. Printed name badges for each person who registered. Started and ended on time. Everyone was friendly, and the speaker was top-notch (full disclosure: he’s a friend). If you’re in the South Bay, and you’re looking for a group of skeptics and atheists, this is the one you’ve been looking for.”
– Sheldon Helms
   Board Member, Bary Area Skeptics

Encouragement from Seth Andrews

I wanted to share this with our members, as it was beautifully written. It encapsulates many feelings I share about the religious world we live in and hope it brings some hope to you, that when you speak up, it matters: You learn a lot about people when you declare that you are not going to live your life by their rules. And many in this room know well the consequences of doing something so … Continue reading . . .

On Faith: A Letter to My Christian Brother

28 Dec 2011 First, I want to say that I appreciate that fact that you have some desire to understand how I came to have my particular worldview. Not everyone in the family is interested. Many, as you once did, claim that there is no point to having the discussion if no one is willing to abdicate their position. I claim that discussion has value beyond the prospect of changing minds. There is value to … Continue reading . . .

42: Answer to The Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything


I always wondered why things were the way they were. Everyone around me was snug and secure in their faith. Was I the only one who saw all the evidence against the existence of god? My cognitive dissonance was overwhelming, but there was no one to ask. I thought I might be crazy. Then I left the theistic cocoon of North Dakota and discovered the wide world of diversity, including beliefs. I was married to … Continue reading . . .