Jesus Was Not The Messiah by Mitch ProfMth

This is a playlist of videos made a few years ago by a very astute YouTuber named Mitch (Called ProfMTH as his old handle). They point out in detail how so-called messianic prophecy in the Old Testament is NOT fulfilled in the New Testament. His references to links “to the right of the screen” may confuse you if you are not a regular YouTube user, since the information box is now located at the bottom … Continue reading . . .

Finding Reason within The End of Reason

I was given this book by a relative so I decided to give it a read. It is a small book, very small book, so it didn’t take long to get through. However, it is dense with fallacies and half-truths along with a vehement anger toward Sam Harris while attempting to take the high road, which the book never achieves. Ravi Zacharias is a supposed atheist turned Biblical apologist after spending his younger years in India … Continue reading . . .

Encouragement from Seth Andrews

I wanted to share this with our members, as it was beautifully written. It encapsulates many feelings I share about the religious world we live in and hope it brings some hope to you, that when you speak up, it matters: You learn a lot about people when you declare that you are not going to live your life by their rules. And many in this room know well the consequences of doing something so … Continue reading . . .


I’m old. I’ve been doing skepticism and atheism for a long time. As such, I’ve been to a lot of skeptic and atheist meetings. THIS was one of the best run talks I’ve been to. No searching around for the group. Printed name badges for each person who registered. Started and ended on time. Everyone was friendly, and the speaker was top-notch (full disclosure: he’s a friend). If you’re in the South Bay, and you’re looking for a group of skeptics and atheists, this is the one you’ve been looking for.”
– Sheldon Helms
   Board Member, Bary Area Skeptics